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Xylocaine cream - Lidocaine ointment

Xylocaine tattoo numbing cream Lidocaine ointment

Xylocaine cream (lidocaine ointment) is a unique topical formulation which has special property to make skin numb. It contains Lidocaine as active component. Xylocaine cream is also known as Lidocaine ointment. This amazing numbing ointment reduces itching and pain that caused due to some skin conditions like minor cuts, burns, eczema, insect stings etc. Lidocaine ointment is also useful in treating discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, anal fissures and itching around genital or rectal area. Xylocaine numbing cream works by blocking the nerve signals on your body.

Generic Name
: Lidocaine
Brand Name
: Xylocaine
: 20mg
Expire Date
: 6 to 18 months
Average Delivery
: 10 days
: Worldwide

Xylocaine cream as the name suggests used widely in tattoo parlors to make tattoo session painless and more productive. It helps to reduce the pain of tattooing or piercing of the needles.

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It is made of Lidocaine as an active concentrate and hence known as Lidocaine tattoo numbing cream also. Xylocaine tattoo numbing cream is a local anesthetic of the skin. Thus it is used in many pain relief ointments and formulations to make them potent enough to abate pain caused due to surgical procedures or beautification processes. Xylocaine cream is also used in children to make them get injections properly.

Xylocaine tattoo numbing cream works by inhibiting the transmission of pain signals to the brain and thus post application of this Xylocaine cream numbing (Lidocaine ointment) one cannot feel pain or discomfort. Never cells are responsible for the transportation of signal from brain to various body parts and vice versa. This process is essential as because of this we can feel pain, discomfort and other feelings also. Xylocaine cream (Lidocaine ointment ) works by blocking the ionic fluxes which are important in initiation and conduction of impulse through the nerve cell. By suppressing these fluxes Xylocaine cream helps to reduce pain by giving a local anesthetic effect to the skin. Therefore it is widely used in tattoo parlous and in beauty salon where this Xylocaine cream which has Lidocaine ointment is used to make waxing, threading procedure painless and comfy.

The numbing effect of Lidocaine Ointment or Xylocaine cream remains at least for 2 to 4 hours. It can be applied again to keep the numbing effect for longer time. Topical Anesthetic cream is hot favorite amongst young generation because it makes tattoo session interesting and pain free.

Dosages of Xylocaine Cream-tattoo numbing cream

Side effects of Xylocaine Cream (Lidocaine Ointment)

Side effects and mediations are complementary to each other. It is quite normal to have mild adverse effects after applying Xylocaine cream. By showing side effects, body indicates that it is adjusting with the medication. This topical anesthetic cream is a topical Lidocaine ointment which can be applied on the skin to make it numb for desired duration of time. Individuals using Xylocaine cream may experience certain side effects which are mild in nature. These adverse effects are as follows:

These are temperate side effects of Topical Anesthetic cream which goes away in matter of couple of days as body gets familiar to the active component, Lidocaine ointment.

Occasionally one might experience severe effects of Xylocaine cream. It happens vary rarely and proper medical help can make things better for the user. It may cause following severe side effects:

As soon as you got any of these effects, stop using Xylocaine cream for tattoo numbing cream completely and seek medical help. These side effects occur rarely and with medical guidance one can get benefitted with Xylocaine cream.

Precautions of Xylocaine cream-Topical Aneshetic Cream