Safeguarding the privacy of the customer is the top most priority no matter what happens. No customer would like to share their personal details with any unknown third party at any cost. We put all our effort so that we can maintain our promise. The easily depicted privacy policy of ours will let you know how we protect the data feed by the customers and also assure them at the same time that it is not handed over to any third party. The policy is written in very simple and easy language. You can buy medications online from without any kind of worries as the data provided by you is in safe hands.

Read on the following points and be sure about the protection of your personal as well as professional data.

No marketing emails: life is very fast in today’s date and we hardly get time to stand and stare. Under such condition we don’t like to bother or irritate our customers by sending those marketing emails and messages. We only send those messages and messages which are related to the status of their order.

Smart security system: All the personal detail of the customer like email address, phone number, credit card details etc. which are being catered by the customers are completely secure and safe with the highly advanced security system installed known as SSL. This system restricts any kind of third party access to the customer’s data. Hence it is the most useful tool in order to protect the privacy of the customers.

No spam mails: as per our promise made to you we do not share your data with any third party and therefore you won’t get any spam mail.