Is ED inducing boredom in your sex life

Relationships are hard to earn in this utter materialistic world and if you have one you go all out to treasure it for life. Your sex life is a natural extension of your love life and you certainly want to make it count whenever opportunity beckons. You do not want to be caught off guard or struggle hopelessly while making intense love with your partner. Your special moments with your partner seldom come too often. And if you are unable to en-cash on them then you’ve majorly let yourself down before your partner. Erectile Dysfunction or ED can rob you and your partner of your most cherished moments of life. The reasons of ED could be age, stress, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure or depression. If not anything it could be simply the lack of confidence to pull through.

Now under circumstances it is necessary to talk to your family physician or sexologist who would recommend you certain therapies. These could be a mix of medical and physiological therapies. One of the many medical therapies recommended could be a short course with ED drug – Caverta 100mg. The reason for Caverta being recommended by leading sexologists is obvious – it is highly effective in treating men who suffer from ED. The results speak for themselves as the market share of the drug has soared over the years.

The key ingredient Sildenafil Citrate first pacifies the blood vessels of the reproductive organ and then massively increases the flow of blood to the penis. Once stimulated the blood flow stretches your penis to its full length and makes it hard and tight for a good 4 hours! You can now have whale of a time with your sex partner and make her reach the orgasm – the most elusive climax to your prolonged and exciting sex session!

Oral dose of Caverta 100mg tablet just an hour before getting into foreplay is enough to trigger a thrilling action for the next few hours. Just remember not to take the drug along with fatty diet as it will engage your body enzymes in digesting the heavy food. This will prolong the effect of the drug or may even minimize it. Just have low diet food in case you are feeling hungry before the sexual act. You cannot have more than a single tablet in a day’s time (24 hours). Overdose can lead to medical emergency. Note that the drug is meant to treat erectile dysfunction in men and in no way does it protect them from getting infected with HIV or STD infections. Adequate protection against the dreadful disease needs to be taken by men as it forms their social responsibility to control the spread of deadly virus.

Headache, indigestion and facial flushing are some of the common side effects of Caverta. These effects vanish by their own without any medical intervention. The list of severe side effects comprises of prolonged and painful penile erection (beyond 5 to 6 hours), uneven heartbeat, shortness of breath, mounting blood pressure, chest pain, swelling etc. Reach your nearest doctor or hospital if you encounter any of the above severe side effects.