Pamper your lashes with Latisse

You inherit your physical looks from your parents especially your facial features. They may be good or bad but you need to make them better by adopting few good habits. Now not many of us inherit those flirty, long and luscious looking eyelashes that we see of movie stars and opera stars! Most of those gorgeous looking women wear heavy eyelash extensions or mascaras! Ever asked them how do they actually feel wearing those and smiling in front of the cameras? As a matter of fact they are extremely painful to wear!

You could now do away with those painful extensions and expensive mascaras and simply invest in drug called Generic Latisse or Careprost! This FDA approved drug is made to treat Hypotrichosis – a condition of weak, scanty or zero eyelash growth. The drug is known to grow eyelashes even in patients of cancer who have undergone chemotherapy that is known to shed each and every hair on your body. Latisse works in conditions where other drugs fail to make any impact. An ideal therapy period is 16 weeks after which you see phenomenal change in your eyelashes. They look really long, thick and dark with natural curvy shape – the lashes you had always dreamt about!

Latisse belongs to the class of medications called prostaglandin analogues that stimulates the anaphase stage (growth stage) of eyelashes.  Sustained application of this eye serum for 12 to 16 weeks gives amazing results – longer, thicker and darker eyelashes! Just reach your nearest eye expert and take his prescription for Generic Latisse. You may be asked to apply the drug at night before going to sleep. Make sure you use the applicators provided with the drug to apply it precisely over the roots of upper lashes. Avoid touching the applicator head to any other part of facial skin as the drug has the property of growing hair on whichever part of the skin it touches. Use one single applicator for each eye and avoid repeating it for different eye to stay away from harmful infection. Apply Generic Latisse regularly for 16 weeks every night before going to bed.

Each ml of the Latisse serum consists of 0.03% bimatoprost. The non-medical ingredients are benzalkonioum chloride 0.05 mg/ml, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic heptahydrate, citric acid monohydrate and purified water. Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid is added to adjust pH value.

If you regularly wear contact lens then make sure you remove them before putting the drug on your upper lashes. If you do not remove them you will spoil them as the drug changes the colour of lens permanently. Wear them back 15 to 30 minutes after putting the drug.

he side effects of Generic Latisse are Uveitis, Iritis and temporary redness in and around the eyes. It also creates temporary pigmentation of skin around the eyes. Do not panic with these temporary side effects as they vanish by themselves without any medical intervention.