Generic Latisse for beautiful eyelashes

  • Generic Latisse for beautiful eyelashes

Getting hold of a perfect drug for eyelash growth is quite a tight rope walk as the factors determining the ideal drug are:

  • It should be safe
  • Effective
  • Easy to order
  • Cheapest in cost

Generic Latisse fulfils the above criterion and is therefore the most sought-after-drug for growing eye lash hair. So order your pack today on and discover your brand new image!!

It is also important to choose the right brand from the huge clutter of products available in the market. Many of the products claim to show impressive results but few can possibly match the results of Ajanta Pharma’s  Bimatoprost – Bimat. The Indian brand of generic Latisse proves highly effective in treating Hypotrichosis – a condition where eyelashes show very poor growth thus leading the subject to extremely low self-esteem.

Now just come out of your inhibitions and walk with confidence...Bimatoprost, the generic latisse helps you grow your eyelash hair long, dark and thick in just about few weeks. It is an FDA approved drug absolutely safe for your eyes if handled without contamination. Genuine Latisse is seal-packed and clearly marked with manufacturing lot number and expiry date and distributed through physicians, medical spas and pharmacies. It is a prescription product and should not be administered without eye expert’s advice. Apart from local pharmacies the drug is available online on several websites. You can order your dose by furnishing the valid prescription.

Be alert about websites that claim to sell the drug without proper prescription. Generic latisse on such sites may be one of those counterfeit products out in the market. So your e-commerce sites and e-pharmacy companies that claim to sell you generic latisse may be selling something that may not be effective at all. However such transactions are deemed to illegal both from seller’s and buyer’s point of view. So essentially you need to have prescription for buying or ordering generic latisse online and there is no shortcut to it.

The drug is used for both cosmetic purpose and as medicine to treat Glaucoma – an eye condition where the natural fluid in the eye called Aqueous Humour gets blocked near iris and starts putting sustained pressure on the vital optic nerve. Generic Latisse manages the pressure on eye by draining away the blocked fluid in the eye thus facilitating clear vision each time you use the drug.

Though there are no significant side effects of generic latisse if you encounter long term itching or redness in the eye or any other allergic reaction refer to your closest eye expert.