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Cyclosporine is an ophthalmic medication that is categorized in the category of medications called immunomodulators. Cyclosporine is especially meant for treating the problem of eye irritation in caused in majority of people due to several reasons.

Any complication or problem cause in the eyes is a major issue as eyes are the most delicate part of the body and any damage caused to it may prove to be fatal and that may result in permanent impairments. One such eye complication that usually affects most of the people is eye irritation. Eye irritation is something very comm.

On and most of the people consider this problem a very light complication. But this eye irritation may turn out to be a very fatal and major issue if proper care is not taken as soon as the problem occurs. This problem of eye irritation can be effectively treated with the help of medicines that are easily available in the market such as cyclosporine.

Cyclosporine is an ophthalmic medication that is categorized in the category of medications called immunomodulators. Cyclosporine is especially meant for treating the problem of eye irritation in caused in majority of people due to several reasons. Eye irritation mostly occurs due to dry eyes, thus there is remedy to get rid of this problem in the form of medicine called cyclosporine. Cyclosporine with its action mechanism increases the production of tears in the dry eyes. Cyclosporine with the fast action mechanism and the active elements reduces the swelling caused in the eyes and allows the production of water in the form of tears that allows eyes to be moist and decreases irritation.

Cyclosporine ophthalmic medication is availed in the market in the liquid from for applying in the eyes. Cyclosporine medication is approved by the FDA as a safe and effective and excellent quality medicinal treatment of eyes irritation. There are several medications available in the market but cyclosporine is the most beloved and the most recommended medication that is widely used for treating this eyes irritation in a shorts span of time. There several precautions and dosage patterns that should be followed while suing this liquid medicament. Cyclosporine medicine should be used only after doctors consultation so that the proper amount of dosage requires is known as per the intimacy of the problem. Cyclosporine eye drops are meant for using in the eye only.

Dosage of Cyclosporine

  • Cyclosporine medicine is available in a liquid from and thus suing this medicine is simple and easy
  • Cyclosporine eye drops can be applied twice a day .
  • Make sure there is at least 12 hour gap between the doses
  • Applying twice will treat disease faster.
  • Cyclosporine medicine should be applied on the same time daily. An application detail of this medicine is written on prescription label that comes along with this medication
  • It is highly recommended that cyclosporine eye drops should be used as per the doctor’s prescription. Do not use them in less quantity or in excess but exactly in same amount prescribed by your doctor.
  • Cyclosporine eye drops are for use only in the eye(s). Do not guzzle or apply cyclosporine eye drops to the skin.
  • Cyclosporine eye drops come in single-use vials i.e. small bottles that are meant only one dose.
  • The liquid from one vial must be used right away on the eyes as soon as the bottle is opened

How to use of Cyclosporine

  • Always wash your hands before using this medication.
  • Remember it is eye medicine, thus you should take every possible protective measure.
  • Whirl the vial a few times till the liquid inside comes out white.
  • Open up the vial. Then with the help of mirror or on your own put the drops in the affected eye or eye(s).
  • Do not touch the tip of the dropper with bare hands
  • Get hold of the dropper tip down at all times to shun drops from flowing back into the bottle and making the staying contents contaminated.
  • while using cyclosporine tilt your head back so that the liquid enters the affected eye directly and does not spill down or on the skin
  • Look straight up and hold the bottle straight near your eyes and then pour drops.
  • Put the prescribed number of drops into the pocket made by the lower lid and the eye.
  • Close your eye for 2-3 minutes to keep the elements of cyclosporine in the eye. Do not flicker
  • If you are using Cyclosporine for both eyes, then repeat the steps 7-11 for the other eye.

Side effects of Cyclosporine

There are a few side effects caused due to cyclosporine. The side effects of this medication are temporary in nature and do not cause any other health complication. But there are a few severe side effects of this medication that may be permanent. The following are the few side effects caused due to cyclosporine

  • Flaming
  • Itching
  • Stinging
  • redness, or pain in the eyes
  • overflow of tears
  • red eyes, eye discharge
  • blurred vision or other vision changes
  • Feeling that something is in the eye etc.

If the side effects continue to be there then visit your personal physician immediately or consult the nearby clinic.

Precautions of Cyclosporine

  • It is highly recommended that the person suffering fro this disease should use this medication only after doctors consultation
  • Te doctor should be well informed if the victim is reactive to cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune) or any other medication
  • Inform the doctor of the previous medical records and if you are using any other medications
  • If making use of synthetic tears, then put Cyclosporine eye drops 15 minutes earlier or after their use.
  • Pregnant or breast feeding mother should strictly use cyclosporine only after doctors consultation.
  • Cyclosporine eye drops must not be applied while wearing contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses, take out them prior to applying Cyclosporine eye drops and put them back 15 minutes later.

Storage of Cyclosporine

  • Room temperature is best for storing Cyclosporine.
  • Keep Cyclosporine away from heat and moisture and it in bathroom. It is not the right place for it.
  • Always keep its bottle of Cyclosporine straight and firmly
  • This medicine is meant only for adult use it should not be used by children.

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