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Beautiful eyes speak volumes that create a huge impact on the opposite person. And if you wish to augment the beauty of your eyes then you ought to buy Bimatoprost eyelash growth solution. This is effective for eyelash hair growth which is stopped due to several reasons. You need to apply this serum externally with the help of an applicator which is given with the pack.

Generic Name
: Bimatopsost
Brand Name
: Bimat / Latisse
: 0.03%/ 3ml
Expire Date
: 1 Year
Average Delivery
: 7 to 12 days
: Worldwide

It is also an effectual and productive eye drop when it comes to treat glaucoma eye ailment. Bimatoprost has gained fame as eyelash growth serum too. Food and Drug Administration or FDA certification has been granted to the ophthalmic drug. This is the proof of safety and purity of the medicine.

Quantity Strength Unit Price Total Price Buy Now
2 bottles 0.03%/3ml $23 $46
5 bottles 0.03%/3ml $22 $110
6 bottles 0.03%/3ml $22 $132
8 bottles 0.03%/3ml $21 $168
10 bottles 0.03%/3ml $20 $200
12 bottles 0.03%/3ml $19 $228
15 bottles 0.03%/3ml $18 $270
20 bottles 0.03%/3ml $17 $340
25 bottles 0.03%/3ml $16 $400

Mechanism of action of Bimatoprost

Women get Bimatoprost online because of its ability to give you longer lashes. However, how it is achieved it is still in the dark. Many theories and studies believe that the medication woks on the hair growth phases. When you apply the drug on the lash hairs, it is being absorbed by the hair follicle. This eye medication extends the time span for which hair needs to remain in the growth phase. By increasing the time, it aid in giving you thicker and darker lashes. Bimatoprost eyelash growth is super effective in giving you the desired outcome within less time span.

Precautionary measures of Bimatoprost

Side effects of Bimatoprost

Side effects are bound to occur. These are the ill effects which show up along with good outcome and stays for couple of days. Bimatoprost eyelash growth solution can make you suffer from mild as well as severe side effects. Mild side effects involved slight burning sensation, itching, watery discharge, feeling of something stuck inside the eyes etc. These aftermaths stay for couple of days and then vanish away.

Extreme sensitivity to light, vision issues, permanent darkening of iris and eye discharge etc. are some of the severe aftermaths reported with this eye drops. On the occurrence of these side effects, you must contact the doctor and stop using the ophthalmic solution.

Dosage of Bimatoprost

Using this eyelash growth serum is very easy. Ask your doctor how to use it and then buy Bimatoprost solution. It comes with an applicator which is used to apply the serum on the lashes. Night time is the best to apply the solution and leave it overnight. Make sure it won’t get inside the eyes and if it happens, wash eyes thoroughly and visit doctor. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution should be used with caution. Do not use it if it causes severe side effects or if you are dealing with eye infections.

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