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What is allergic reaction?

Watery eyes, running nose, itching eyes/nose, sneezing, hives and itching are indications of allergy symptoms and Periactin or Cyproheptadine 4mg is used to treat this condition.  The drug works by blocking the histamine (natural substance) that your body emits during allergic reaction. This also blocks the emission of another natural substance called serotonin. Avoid using the drug with infants or newborn babies.

Method of Dosage of Ciplactin 4mg

This is an oral drug and should be taken with water (without food) as directed by your physician twice or thrice a day. In case of liquid form the drug has to be taken after measuring it by the measuring cap provided along with the drug. Do not use household spoon to measure the quantity of drug as you are likely to consume wrong portion. The dosage is also depended on age, medical condition and response to the treatment. In kids the dosage is based on their body mass (weight) and body size. You are advised not to self-medicate this drug and voluntarily change the dose. Take the drug as directed by your physician. Inform your doctor if your condition worsens after taking the drug.

Precautions to be taken Ciplactin 4mg Tablet

Ensure that you are not allergic to any active or inactive compounds of the drug. If you have any then inform your doctor about it. Also talk to your concerned pharmacist. Inform your doctor in case you have enlarged prostate, difficulty in urinating, seizure, stomach pain, glaucoma in eyes, or have medical history of kidney or liver ailments, intestinal problems like ulcers or blockage, overactive thyroid, etc.  Dose of Periactin under such conditions can result in serious side effects and even medical emergency.

Also report your doctor in case you are addicted to alcohol and/or marijuana. Taking Periactin under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs can lead to emergency. Periactin can cause you drowsiness so it is advisable to avoid going out after taking the drug. Avoid driving or working on heavy machines that require keen concentration as it may lead to fatal accidents.

The liquid form of the drug may contain alcohol and/or sugar. So those patients with condition of diabetes, liver disease or any other condition that can flare up with alcohol or sugar can consult their doctors and go for alternative form of the drug. Children under the influence of Periactin can get over excited for no reason. So the parents need to be cautious while administering the drug with the children. Periactin can induce drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, lack of concentration and difficulty in urinating in older patients. Pregnant women should be cautious with this drug and should always consult their doctor. Breast feeding women too should first speak to their doctor for use of Periactin.

The drug has the property to interfere with pathological laboratory tests. So you should inform of the same to the lab in-charge in advance before undergoing any tests. If you carry on with your test without informing to lab in-charge then your test results may be misleading.

Avoid Ciplactin 4mg Tablet Drug interaction

If you are going for any surgery including dental implants inform your doctor about the drugs regularly taken by you (prescription/non-prescription or any herbal products). Do not stop your regular medicines suddenly to accommodate the dose of anti-histamine drug Periactin. If you are taking any pain or cough relievers that contain opioids (codeine or hydrocodone) then you should inform your doctor. Also if you are taking any anti-depressant pills, anxiety pills or sleeping pills then you should make your doctors aware of them. Other forms of ant-histamines drugs in your regular use can also interact with Periactin. So make sure you inform of the same to your physician or doctor concerned.

Overdose of Ciplactin 4mg Tablets is fatal and can cause medical emergency. Make sure you do not overdose. In case of accidental overdose reach your nearest medical emergency unit.

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