Why should men have all the fun

The word impotency is not just linked with men but even women have certain sexual dysfunctions and the world is yet to wake up to this fact. In more than half the world the culture of female Viagra has yet to take root and women in the third world countries may not know it for another few years. So when Viagra first came out in public as a wonder drug to treat ED in men the fairer sex looked down with the feeling of patriarchal promotion of the emotion called love. The world seemed to have forgotten to consider their rights in the domain of mutual sexual act. This situation inevitably gave rise to a million dollar question, “Why should men have all the fun?”

Soon by setting equal standards for both genders another wonder drug Ladygra was introduced to treat female sexual dysfunctions viz. lower libido, lower urge for sex, vaginal pain during intercourse (due to dryness on vaginal walls) and lack of final arousal (orgasm) leading to climax. Importantly for women to trust the legitimacy of the drug it has been approved both by FDA and WHO as a safe remedy to tackle sexual complications in women. The generic form of Ladygra is as effective as the brand itself. The only difference is the price as Generic Ladygra costs far less than the branded Viagra. So it is easy on women’s pockets that look for fun within their affordability.

Ladygra should be taken 15 to 20min before the sexual act. The active compound of the drug Sildenafil Citrate pushes the flow of blood to the reproductive organs of female. With adequate natural libido the female is aroused for a long highly engaging session of sexual intercourse. But here again you need to first get in touch with your physician and consult about using the drug safely.  With the rush of blood to the vaginal areas the walls of vagina get naturally lubricated for a sustained period of 6 hours in order to facilitate long and pain-free sexual intercourse. Even the orgasm or climax sessions become lively and invigorating for both partners with this wonder drug.

Beginners should ideally take a dose of 25mg to 50mg of Generic Ladygra and check how their body responds to the drug therapy. It is necessary for you to get sexually aroused without which the drug will not be able to show the desired effect.

So get the power of Ladygra and add wings to your sexual desire!