Top 5 Healthy Tips to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Observed by experts, erectile dysfunction(ED) has become more common in elderly men. And the question remains unspoken by most men, how can we avoid ED? Here is listed advice for you. Also before buying Generic Viagra 100mg get consultation from us.

  • Mind what you eat

If by any change you are dieting know that it’s not good for health especially to have erections. 
Many research shows that eating the same pattern can easily cause heart attacks due to restricted blood flow in coronary arteries which impede blood flow to and fro in the penis. The blood flow is actually needed for the penis to become erect. In this case, if you are having few fruits and vegetables along with lots of fatty, fried and processed food can decrease your blood circulation throughout the body. To avoid such difficulties Buy Viagra Online and eat healthy food as suggested by a doctor or by your own healthy preference.

  • Balance Your Body Weight

Being overweight can actually create a big lifetime problem, this may include getting type 3 diabetes which causes nerve damage, this indirectly affects blood flow supply to the penis. Hence ED can be a result, to avoid this problem get consulted for diabetes and use Viagra for a healthy erection.

  • Don’t over drink Alcohol

According to a medical test, there is no such evidence that proves alcohol consumption is bad for erectile dysfunction. But chronic intake of alcohol can cause liver damage, nerve damage, and other conditions. This can again lead to ED. In this case, if you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction buy Generic Viagra 100 mg tablets. Free consultation!

  • Exercise regularly

Most people who have a sedentary lifestyle are directly linked for getting this sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction. Running, swimming, dancing, or another form of aerobic exercise have been shown to be helpful and may prevent ED. In this case, if you suffer erectile dysfunction contact us or order Viagra online.

  • Stop Smoking

Smoking is harmful because it does not allow blood to flow in the way has to. And the nicotine makes the blood vessel contrast which may hamper the blood flow to the penis. If this is the reason because of which you are suffering erectile dysfunction then contact us or order Viagra online.

The dosage of Viagra 100mg tablets

  • For most people, this medication dose is not more than 50 mg. As per the need, it should be taken before 1 hour of sexual activity
  • However, Viagra may be taken anywhere between 30 to 4 hours before the intercourse
  • The maximum amount of dosage recommended is 100 mg per day

***The medicine may give side effect according to the individual body type, in this case, one should immediately contact the doctor. For healthy medication support get direct online consultation from us.