The Best Way to Grow Eyelashes is to Use No Prescription Generic Latisse Bought Online

Latisse started life as Lumigan, a prescription medication used to treat intraocular pressure in glaucoma affected patients. One side effect of Lumigan is that it stimulates hair growth. This side effect was commercially exploited and Latisse came into being specifically promoted as an eyelash thickener. That it has become popular with women, especially those affected by hypotrichosis, is not surprising because thicker, darker and longer eyelashes beautify the face.

Latisse works by keeping hair for a longer period in the anagen phase besides thickening hair and making them darker. Results show that lashes become 25% longer, 100% fuller and 18% darker, resulting in a remarkable transformation in looks. Latisse is a prescription, branded product and it is expensive as well. For results to show you have to use it every day for about 16 weeks, the recommended duration and then, once eyelashes have attained the requisite thickness and length, continue with a maintenance dose. If you stop using it eyelashes revert to their previous condition. What this means is: One, you have to keep renewing your prescription on a regular basis and, Two, buy Latisse regularly. Over time the amount you spend can be substantial.

Is there a cheaper, quite as effective, alternative?

Yes, there is. You use the generic version. Latisse is bimatoprost 0.03% solution. Latisse carries a premium price due to its brand awareness. The generic latisse has the same ingredients in the same concentration. It is FDA tested and approved so you know it is the same strength and has the same effect. The difference is in the price. If you buy generic latisse online it costs way below what you pay for the branded latisse at retail stores. There is a second benefit to buying generic latisse online. A prescription is not necessary.

Simply switching over to generic latisse online saves you the bother of obtaining prescriptions and spending a large amount. A retail store may not sell you 24 bottles; an online store will so you can lay in stock for a year or more. Generic latisse online is not widely promoted or advertised and it costs less while being no less effective or safe. More and more women are discovering these benefits and are switching over to generic latisse for eyelash growth and so can you. All it takes is four months for results to show and you will be impressed. Just make sure the initial side effects do not continue. If they do, stop using it and consult an ophthalmologist.

First time buyers of online generic latisse will have doubts and questions. Will they get the genuine stuff? Is it safe? To both questions the answer is yes provided buyers select the right online source for generic latisse. A trusted and well known online latisse supplier will only give the genuine product. Even if it is generic, it is subject to laws and regulations and no supplier wants to put his reputation or business on the line by supplying counterfeits. Your eyes are precious and it is not worth buying generic latisse advertised at extremely cheap prices and originating in some unknown country.