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Acetoaminaphen or Paracetamol is used to treat pain and control high fever or temperature. It is also used in other conditions like headache, muscle aches, arthritis, backache, toothaches, and cold. It controls pain in mild arthritis but has no effect on deep inflammation and swelling of joints. It may be used in other conditions not listed above. You may find various brands of paracetamol available at your nearest pharmacies.

Standard dosage of Paracetamol 500mg

Do not self-medicate with Paracetamol. Always follow the prescription given by your physician or medical expert as it will save you from any harmful side effect. Overdose of paracetamol can cause you serious harm. The maximum consumption of drug per dose should not exceed 1gm or 1000mg and maximum intake per day should not exceed 4g or 4000mg. Any dose frequency crossing the limit of 4000mg per day can cause serious damage to your liver. If you regularly consume alcohol then you need to first consult with your physician or doctor for your dose prescription. You may not be able to use paracetamol if you have alcoholic liver disease (cirrhosis). Therefore if you have any history of alcoholism and liver disease you should first inform your doctor about it before starting with Paracetamol therapy.

If you are taking Paracetamol in combination with other drugs check whether the compounds of other medicines have acetaminophen or APAP. You may thus encounter accidental overdose if you take it with other drugs also having paracetamol as one of their ingredient. While you are on paracetamol therapy you should strictly avoid consumption of alcohol or any alcoholic beverages. This may potentially increase the risk of damaging your liver.

General precautions to be taken

  • Firstly check whether you are allergic to any compounds of paracetamol. Take timely precautions if you are allergic to the drug.
  • Inform your doctor if you have history of any liver disease or ailment
  • Report your doctor if you regularly consume alcohol
  • Report your doctor in case you are pregnant
  • Inform your doctor in case you breastfeed your infant baby

Method of dosage of Paracetamol 500mg

Paracetamol comes in the form of oral tablet or liquid for those who are not comfortable with tablets. You should go by the prescription given by your doctor or physician and do not take any voluntary dose. Under normal circumstances the prescription does not go beyond 1gm or 1000mg and overall daily prescription does not go beyond 4gm or 4000mg. In case you are an alcoholic then your daily intake cannot go beyond 2gm or 2000mg. In case of minor patient there is paediatric form of Paracetamol. Give the drug as instructed by paediatrician. Do not give the drug to an infant below 2 years without the advice of your doctor. 

In case of paracetamol chewable tablets you need to use clean dry hands while handling the drug. You need to thoroughly chew the tablet before you swallow it. Also in case of disintegrating tablet place the tablet on your tongue. The tablet starts to dissolve right away. Allow it to dissolve completely in your mouth without chewing. In case of liquid paracetamol you need to measure the dose correctly with measuring spoon or a cup provided with the drug before administering the drug. Shake the liquid properly before you make a dose in the measuring cup. Follow directions given by your physician.

In case of paracetamol effervescent granules, dissolve a packet of granules in at least 4 ounces of water. Then stir the mixture and drink it entirely immediately.

Get in touch with your physician if:

  • Your pain symptoms or fever increase after taking the drug
  • You develop rashes on our skin, headache or any redness or swelling
  • You still have pain after 7 days of use (after 5 days in case of child)
  • You have fever even after using the drug for 3 days

Side effects of Paracetamol 500mg

The common side effects of the drug which relate to allergy are hives, difficulty in breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat. You should stop taking the drug under such circumstances. You need to call for medical help in case you encounter following side effects:

  • Mild fever with nausea
  • Stomach pain with loss of appetite
  • Dark urine and clay coloured stools
  • Yellowing of skin or eyes (jaundice-like symptoms)

In case of missed dose of Paracetamol 500mg

Paracetamol is mostly taken when needed and you may not be on dosing schedule. If you are taking the drug regularly then you need not worry of any skipped or missed dose. Take it the moment you remember but do not take any double dose to make up for missed dose. If you are approaching the time of your next dose then simply forget the missed dose and carry on with your next scheduled dose.

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