Make Generic Latisse work for you to get quick eyelash growth

Who are your favourite film stars or television personalities who have magnificent eyes? The answers will vary from the United State of America to China and Japan. Now young women have their own role models pertaining to styling and costume. Fans and followers come from different walks of life and they invariably try to emulate their idols from the world of glamour. One such celebrity who had taken American reality television by storm with her gorgeous looks is Kim Kardashian (Keeping up with Kardashians fame). Apart from her wonderful curvy figure Kim has extremely expressive eyes which both men and women find highly fascinating. In quite a few interviews she had admitted to using Latisse to grow her eyelashes, which speaks volumes about the validity of the drug.

There are influential women from entertainment industry who have admitted to using Generic Latisse to grow eyelashes and have found the drug to be extremely good without any side effects. Some admitted to having short, sparse and skimpy lashes earlier and with Generic Latisse coming into their lives they couldn’t help but marvel at the results of the drug within few weeks. Some say that their lashes got so long with Generic Latisse that the tips of lashes hit the lenses of their sun glares. Some others said that using extensions made their original lashes come off so they consulted with their doctors who directed them to use Generic Latisse. They have never again asked for any other drug to grow their eyelashes!

Now there is a possibility with some getting their iris coloured/pigmented due to the drug but this doesn’t happen if you apply Latisse with precision. The drug in no way can harm your iris. The key to getting best result from Latisse is to apply the drug with precision and keep doing it regularly for 12 to 16 weeks.

Those who have gone by doctor’s guidance and used Generic Latisse regularly have reaped huge benefits as they have agreed to have gained significant attention with their new looking eyelashes. After the approval from FDA the drug has gained tremendous acceptability with more and more women using the drug with renewed trust. One woman in her testimony has agreed to spending nearly $120 a month over Generic Latisse and still finding it worthwhile. This development has also driven the dermatologists recommend the drug more frequently to their patients of Hypotrichosis.

Generic Latisse is known to keep the eyelashes in active growth stage for a longer period of time which is not possible in natural stage. If you stop using the drug they go back to inactive growth stage. Besides, in many cases those who had lost their eyelashes during chemotherapy have positively responded to the drug by growing new eyelashes. It was only after using Generic Latisse that they started growing new eyelashes. So by that yardstick Generic Latisse is certainly worth a try for growing your eyelashes!