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Provigil is an effective remedy for the elimination of daytime sleepiness caused by several sleep related ailments. This is the nootropic class of drug which is also known for its cognition enhancement properties.

Generic Name
: Modafinil
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: Modvigil
: 100 mg / 200 mg
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: 1 Year
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: 10 days
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Daytime sleepiness is the major symptom showed by sleep issues such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea. The medicine is also useful in getting memory issues corrected and it aid in improving cognition abilities also. You need to get Provigil online after getting valid prescription from your doctor

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The medicine is said to work on the brain chemicals involve in the sleep/wake process. To increase memory, Provigil 200mg medicine augments the blood and oxygen supply to the brain and thus supports cognition improvement. FDA approval makes the drug a safer alternative.

Working of Provigil

Unfortunately the mechanism of this medicine is still in the dark. This is the process through which the medication especially the active part of it acts on the health issues and the symptoms caused by the same. Provigil 200mg medicament has Modafinil as its active component. This medicine works on the brain neurotransmitters. These are the secretion of nerve cells which are used by those nerve cells to communicate amongst themselves. Though the exact reason for sleep issues is not known, it is said that the poor working of these brain neurotransmitters aid in causing sleep loss. Provigil nootropic medicine helps in correcting the issue and let you stay awake in the daytime.

Memory issues are solved by this drug by augmenting the blood and oxygen supply to the brain cells. This make them work faster and you get better cognition abilities. Therefore people buy Provigil online to stay smart and ahead of all.

Ways to consume Provigil

You can start taking Provigil 200mg pill with large glass of water. Take in the morning so that the medicine will keep you awake in the daytime. Before doing this, ask your doctor and get the proper dosage pattern ready that will work for you in better way. Never consume the pill with alcohol as it tends to cause harmful effects. In addition to this, never take the drug beyond prescribed dose. This could be harmful and you might regret it later. Get Provigil online only if it is told by your doctor. Taking the medication on your own might cause health issues.

Side effects of Provigil

Side effects and drugs go hand in hand. Their relationship is quite deep. Every drug, no matter how small amount of it being used by you, tend to cause side effects. These are mild in nature and in some they appear severe too. Provigil 200mg pill has some aftereffects to offer you. However, they are gentle and you can easily beat them. Less serious side issues of this nootropic medicine are trouble falling asleep, headache, dry mouth, dizziness or drowsiness, nausea, diarrhea etc. These are mild and cause no harm to the sufferer. But consider getting medical help if they start bothering you.

Though Provigil drug for narcolepsy make you experience serious side effects also, it is a rare case. This medicine is safer to consume. But you should know its severe side effects so that you can face them. Call your doctor if you start experiencing hallucinations, depression, chest pain, faster heartbeat, sore throat, fever, muscle weakness etc. These side issues are severe in nature and have to be monitored by healthcare provider. Do not waste time and call your doctor. Meanwhile stop taking Provigil drug and resume the treatment after consulting with the physician.

Precautionary measures to be followed with Provigil