Bimatoprost is a cosmetic solution and medicine

Get the most of Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost 0.03 solution) as it is perhaps one of the few drugs to be used both as a cosmetic solution and a highly effective medicine for controlling Glaucoma in your eyes. As a cosmetic solution Bimatoprost is used to grow your eye-lashes (hair on upper eyelids) thick and dark!

It is a safe ophthalmic drug recommended by eye experts and doesn’t carry any side-effects to worry about. You only need to closely follow the instructions given by your ophthalmologist. The administration process of the drug is clearly different in both cases. For growing eye-lashes you need to simply apply the drug along the base of upper eyelid (externally at the root of upper eyelashes). For treating glaucoma you need to drop the medicine in the affected eye with the help of a clean dropper in the pocket of lower eyelid.

Bimatorprost for controlling Glaucoma

The eye condition in which eye fluid or Aqueus Humor that lubricates the eye gets locked due to blockage. This creates added pressure on optic nerve also called Intraocular Pressure IOP. Sustained IOP can seriously damage the optic nerve and can lead to permanent blindness. The drug creates outlet for the blocked fluid and relieves the eye from intraocular pressure thus making the vision crisp and clear for a limited time period.

Bimatoprost for growing eye lashes

Patients of Hypotrichosis - a condition where the eyelash hair growth is abnormal, are treated with Bimatoprost 0.03 solution. The eye drug has been approved by American FDA (for increasing the length of eyelash hair, its thickness and darkness). The prostaglandin and prostamide analogs interact with prostanoid receptors in the hair follicle that stimulates hair growth on upper eyelids. Within a month or two you observe significant growth of eyelash hair after starting with the course of eye medicine. The growth however stops after you stop using generic Latisse. Thick black eyelashes increase the beauty of eyes as also protect your eyes from flies, insects, dust particles and other foreign particles from getting close to the most sensitive part of your body – your eyes!

Precaution in case you use contact lens

Remove contact lens from your eyes before putting Bimatoprost as they can absorb the medicine and get discoloured. Put the lens back at least 15 minutes to half an hour after dropping the medicine in your eyes. Always handle the eye dropper with clean dry hands especially the tip of dropper. Any contamination of the tip of dropper can trigger infection in eyes through medicine.

Side effects of Bimatoprost

The most common side effects include eyelid itching, dry eye, bloodshot eyes or darkening of eyelid. Those allergic to Bimatoprost may experience swelling of eye or eyelid. Get in touch with your ophthalmologist once you experience blurred vision, infection or excessive pain in eyes.

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